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Top 5 Bob Marley Tour Stops in Jamaica

When a person thinks of Reggae, the first person that comes to mind is Bob Marley. Bob Marley is synonymous with Reggae; this legend took the music industry by storm in 1953 with this new melodious sound with pulsating beats of conscious lyrics reflecting society. King Bob as he is affectionately called is a Jamaican native of the garrison town called Trench Town in Jamaica.

Bob Marley went on to leave his mark on the music industry before his tragic passing in 1981. Bob’s influence can be seen in Fashion, Streets and even buildings in Jamaica. There are a few popular places that are now Tourists attractions in Jamaica that music enthusiasts and the like can visit in Jamaica.

  1. The Bob Marley Museum: This is one of the more popular places to feel the spirit of Bob and all his accomplishments. This was Bob’s new home after he acquired a certain amount of wealth after leaving his childhood home in Trench Town. Bob also had a Studio here where he not only recorded but wrote hits like “Trenchtown Rock” and “No Woman Nuh Cry”. The Bob Marley Museum is centrally located at 56 Hope Road in the capital city of Kingston. The Museum features aspects of his life, an 80 seat theater, Photo Gallery, A Gift Shop, A Café and other items from Jamaica. Daily Tours start at 9 a.m – 4.00 pm. Prices $20.00 for Non Resident Adults and $10.00 for Non Resident children. Tip: Arrive early, show up for the first Tour at 9.am and get an experience of a “Jamaican Breakfast” first hand. For more info visit http://www.bobmarleymuseum.com/museum-history/.
  2. Tuff Gong Studio: This is second on the list because it was actually located at Bob’s home at 56 Hope Road. The Studio was founded by Bob Marley himself which came from his nickname “Gong” and Tuff (Tough) because it was hard to make it in the music Industry in Jamaica. The Studio is now located at 220 Marcus Garvey Drive and features : A Recording Studio, Mastering Room, Stamper Room, Pressing Room, Wholesale Record Shop , Cassette Plant , Booking Agencies as well as Offices for Bob’ late wife Rita Marley. Tuff Gong Studio is one of the largest Studios in the Caribbean so there are a lot of vintage vinyl records, musical Instruments. If you are a musician looking to promote your music to the Caribbean, this is the perfect place.
  3. Trench Town: There is something about visiting the home of a famous person; you get a true sense and feeling of who the person really was. Trench Town was known as the “Hollywood” of Jamaica in the 1960’s. Trench Town is actually the Birthplace of Rock steady and Reggae music; it was the place to be if you wanted to make it in music. Today, Trench Town boasts The Trench Town Culture Museum. Here is where you will see Bob Marley’s Bedroom, his first Guitar and the shell of his old Volkswagen. Tip: It is not safe to Visit Trench Town alone but with the aid of a guide as it is a volatile community.
  4. Nine Miles: This location is where Bob Marley was actually born. Nile miles is located in the Parish of St. Ann. In this Parish, you will find the Bob Marley Mausoleum, tucked away in the mountains. This is where you will find his childhood bedroom as well as his tombstone and “Mama Marley’s” Tombstone. This is a guided Tour and Patrons should not attempt to try to find this location alone as there should be some sort of Supervision. The Tours start at 9.00 a.m each day and ends at 4. There is also a Rasta painted rock where it was believed that Bob laid his head for inspiration for songs. For prices and guides call: 876-995-1763 (cell).
  5. Bob Marley Statue: Every great legend has a statue to commemorate their contribution to their country and Bob Marley is no Different. The Bob Marley Statue is located in Kingston at “Celebrity Park” at The Jamaica Stadium where all Sporting activities take place. There is no guided Tour to see the Statue however security is tight so it is recommended that you contact the officials at the National Stadium to be informed of the procedure.

Bob Marley is Jamaica’s Reggae Icon and one of the major influencers for International Reggae Day.

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