The Outameni Experience in Jamaica

Jamaica is an Island located in the Caribbean that is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. This Island is one of the Largest Islands in the Caribbean and makes up a part of the Greater Antilles. As it relates to the historical background, it is quite an interesting one, the Island has been colonized by several European groups which includes The English, Spanish and some even say the Chinese. Later on during the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade other indigenous groups such as the Chinese, Indians, Syrians, Dutch, and Germans and so on came to work on the Island.

This is how the Jamaican Motto “Out of Money One People” came into existence. As the country grew into a more civilized society, various aspects of the Culture has been preserved so visitors to the Island can understand the rich history and the overall background of the Island. In 2008, “The Outameni Experience” was established. This new interactive attraction is based in Trelawny. Trelawny is the birthplace of the fastest man on earth “Usain Bolt “. It is a rustic paradise which consists of Rivers, mountains, caves, underground passages and wetlands. Historically, this parish was known to have the largest Sugar Plantations in the Island but has now become home to the modern Cruise Ship Pier located in the capital city of Falmouth. Trelawny is the perfect place for an attraction like ‘The Outameni Experience”.

An Interactive Cultural Journey

The Outameni Experience is deemed as “an interactive cultural journey”. The entire setting for this attraction is different from anything that has ever been seen on the Island. When you first enter, you see what looks like a Taino man and woman at the entrance with villages set up like that of people who once inhabited the Island in their traditional dress. If you are not into “role play” it might be a bit scary. These performers fully commit to their craft and can be a lot to take in. Be prepared to be wowed and dazzled! The interesting thing about this place is the entire setting. Once you get in it is easy to forget that you are in “modern times”.

Tips for Visiting the Outameni Experience

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  • The venue is open daily Tuesday – Saturday from 10.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m respectively.
  • Visitors are placed in groups of 20 for each experience with a total experiences each day.
  • Each tour lasts 75- 90 in a totally covered area so there is no need to worry about the weather, the show does go on in spite of the weather.
  • It is recommended that you dress comfortable for this experience as it is highly interactive and you will be walking from village to village.
  • Leave your heels and suits at home and prepare to have some good old fun.


There is a total of 9 villages to experience , The Chinese , Taino , Africans, Spanish , British , Indians , Jamaica Today , Di Plantation and “Brawta” or in Jamaican term a “little something extra” . Be sure to check out the gift shop before you leave for authentic gifts reminiscent of the unique blend of Cultures that Jamaica has to offer.

Video on the Outameni Experience

Where Else to Stop while at the Outameni Experience

Keith’s Hideout Jerk Centre Restaurant and Bar. When you are leaving the Outameni experience a great place to stop is Keith’s Hideout Jerk Centre Restaurant and Bar. The name might be a bit questionable in terms of the amount of things they offer, however the food is excellent. The restaurant is located just outside the Falmouth turn off the North Coast Highway. It is really easy to find and once you say “Keith’s Jerk Place”, the locals will direct you exactly where the restaurant is located. Enjoy the picturesque backdrop of a Caribbean setting while you dine in a cool and relaxed environment as you allow your taste buds to come to life. Keith’s Hideout specializes in local cuisine such as “Rice and Peas and Jerk Chicken, A Jamaican Favourite served with your choice of side and wash that all down with a chilled Red Strip Beer.

Keith’s Hideout Jerk Centre Restaurant and Bar

If you are more of a seafood lover, order the Grilled Lobster served with Bammy (an Indian sort of flatbread made from Cassava and Salt) which has been around since Pre-Columbian times. This cozy little spot offers a romantic rest stop and is perfect for Lunch, Dinner and also for entertaining Small use. Be sure to make use of the fully stocked bar packed with some of Jamaica’s top rums, such as Appleton, Sangsters, Wray and Nephew and so much more. It is guaranteed that after a day filled with Caribbean/Jamaican History and authentic local food, you are sure to go back to your Hotel room feeling totally transformed and have a new respect for the Jamaican Culture. I would recommend asking a local where the fastest man on earth lives, they will be happy to show you and also send you back with a piece of the famous yellow yam.

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