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Today we’ll be taking a trip to East rural St. Andrew to Strawberry Hill. When one thinks of this place there are a few words that come to mind like: luxury, hidden gem and of course coffee. Strawberry Hill is a forty five minute (45) drive from the Norman Manley International Airport and thirty (30) minutes from the centre of Kingston (Half way Tree).

The journey up to this picturesque place, nestled in the beautiful Blue Mountains is a treacherous one. The long winding roads through Irish Town has signs that say “Blow your Horn” and“Proceed Slowly”, however with a skilled driver once you get there it’s well worth it. Be sure to come ready to relax, unwind and have fun all at the same time at St. Andrew’s hidden Gem.

Strawberry Hill Resort

The Strawberry Hill Resort features 12 deluxe Georgian styled Cottages with all feature modern day amenities such as Internet, A.C, private balconies and terraces. Each room is designed to meet the individual personalities of different guests. One example is the “Highgate” which is a two bedroom suite that features two Bathrooms, dining room, sitting room, kitchen, visitor’s bathroom and expansive balconies that wrap around both floors. Walk-in wardrobes and vaulted ceilings highlight the master bedroom. While this Resort is not all inclusive, there is a variety of Dining options on the property. Like the rooms/suites, each dining facility is tailored to the needs of the guests. Website

If you are a party of 2 or one, The Library Veranda and Bamboo Room are highly recommended while if you are part of a group or wedding party, The Jade Wine Terrace is the perfect setting for Weddings and Entertainment. The Menu is a combination of Traditional Jamaican dishes and spices with International recipes that is referred to as “New Jamaican Cuisine” which features a full vegetarian menu. If you are a Healthy Lifestyle enthusiast, there is no need to worry about over-eating on this trip (unless you want to).

There is a cosy little Bar which features some of Jamaica’s top favorite brands of liquors like Appleton, Red Stripe and Blackwell Rum. Desmond, the high spirited Bartender will mix up his signature Rum Punch and exotic cocktails to suite your alcohol cravings. The staple event at the Strawberry Hill Resort is the Sunday Brunch that is held every Sunday without fail rain or shine! This gives guests the chance to indulge in a true Caribbean feast from their choice of cold salads, jerk meats and so much more. Tip: The Jerk Chicken is off the chain! You might want to grab the first batch as it usually goes pretty quickly.

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Other Things to Do in Strawberry Hill Jamaica

The Strawberry Hill Resort is mainly focused on relaxation and there are not a lot of activities like you would find at a North Coast Resort. There are other places that guests and locals flock to when they visit this place to truly indulge in Jamaican Culture in true retrospect; one of these places is Café Blue. This is the place you go to when you want authentic Jamaican Coffee, tasty Jamaican Pastry & Treats and of course a breath taking view of Kingston. For more info visit

Holywell Park

Another place to visit is Holywell Park deemed as a hidden gem perfect for Eco Tourism Attractions. This Park features 3 self-contained cabins perfect for camping, nature trails for hiking and an untouched waterfall. This is the perfect place to get way from the hustle and bustle of City Life or life in general and truly appreciate the little things in life. Holywell is a 25-30 minute drive from Strawberry Hill, 90 minutes from Kingston and is relatively cold due to its locations in the Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains. It is highly recommended that you bring a sweater or something to layer to keep you warm especially at late night and early morning. To make reservations (876) 920-8278/9 or (876) 960-2848/9 Email: Fair warning to some of the ladies, if you are not into camping and being one with nature or being off the grid , you might not like this place. Holywell is a wonderful place for a rustic vibe but it’s not a luxurious place with a Spa and an A.C.

Blue Mountain Waterfall

Blue Mountain Waterfall

Visiting Newcastle

About another place to visit is Newcastle about 15-20 minutes from Holywell. The former Military British base is now a training facility for the Jamaica Defence Force and also the best place to get natural spring water! People do drink fresh water from the Springs of Newcastle which runs along meandering waters from the Blue Mountains. The main road to Holywell takes you through the Major General Sir William Gomm Square. Periodically, you might catch the Jamaican Defence Force carrying out a Drill if you are lucky. Newcastle is great if you want to see British influence in Jamaica as well as their architecture.

Strawberry Hill is a beautiful, breath-taking place nestled between the majestic Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains. If you are looking for a place to get some well-deserved rest away from the hustle and bustle of the world, this is the perfect place.

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