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Portland Jamaica Tourist Guide

Portland, Jamaica is one of those places that you can truly come and get lost in natural beauty. Located North East of the capital of Kingston with Its capital as Port Antonio. Portland is a Gem located in rural Jamaica is more popularly known for its beautiful stretch of white sand beaches.

Once you go to Portland you must visit Winifred Beach: “You have not visited Jamaica until you’ve visited Winifred Beach” is a statement you will hear among the locals. This is an authentic Jamaican Public Beach where all are welcome to come and enjoy this naturally beautiful place. Once you are in the crystal clear water with the shadow of the Mountains on both sides you are able to see the Caribbean Sea in the Far Distance, some even say if you are at a certain position on the Island you can even see parts of Cuba.

Activities in Portland Jamaica

Portland might be known for its Natural Attractions however there are a myriad of things to be done in that little Parish.

  1. Rafting the River Grande: The Rio Grande is one of Jamaica’s largest rivers. This 6 mile journey lasts for a total of 3 hours, so you might need to get your “River Legs”. Rafting involves floating on Bamboo pieced together to be similar to a sailboat. The sight of this can be quite daunting but Bamboo is airtight and watertight and is light enough to float so there is no need to be alarmed when drifting along your journey. Be sure to give your partner a smooch when you reach “Lovers Lane”.
  2. Blue Lagoon: This Lagoon will truly mesmerize you as locals believe it is said to have mystical powers. The Lagoon is 200 feet deep and not recommended for swimming but simply to sit back and admire its beauty. Depending on when you visit the parish, the water changes colour … literally! The change from Emerald to Jade will truly amaze you. There is even talk that the water is a natural aphrodisiac.
  3. Reach Falls: This is one of the most photographed waterfalls in Jamaica even more than Dunn’s River Falls. Since its beauty has been discovered, it is a beautiful place to take pictures with the mountains and lush vegetation in the background. Unlike Dunn’s River Falls, it has an unspoiled beauty nestled in an exotic setting.
  4. Bonnie View Plantation Hotel: This is the perfect place to stay and is moderately priced. Located on the ridge of Port Antonio; this Hotel offers the most spectacular view and is great for professional and amateur.

Portland is one of those Parishes where it rains everyday therefore the vegetation is always lush. It is the perfect place to get Fresh Produce and Quality Meats. It is no surprise that from this will come quality food.

Top 3 places to eat in Portland are:

  1. Boston Jerk Centre: It might be cliché who comes to Jamaica and not have Jerk Chicken or Jerk Pork? Located east of Port Antonio at Boston Beach. This is a cash only restaurant however you have the ability to barter. Go on the weekends … it might be busy but you will get fresher well-seasoned and well cooked meat. Price Range: Reasonable
  2. Bushbar Restaurant: Located at the Geejam Hotel on the outskirts of Port Antonio. This restaurant is a fusion of Jamaican and Asian cuisines which highlights the “melting pot” of Jamaica. This is an uber chic spot that is said to attract a lot of celebrities so reservations are necessary. Try the Spicy Lobster Pasta… it is to die for. Price Range: $25-35USD
  3. Dawn’s Bar & Snack Shop: If you come to Jamaica you have to try Jamaican Rum. Dwan’s Bar & Snack Shop is the perfect spot to come in indulge and get irie. Located across the beach from Manchioneal Bay. This Shop offers local Jamaican Food and the Best Soup in Town. Ask for the Red Peas Soup which is perfectly spiced and flavourful. Price Range: Moderately Expensive.

Portland is also the home of Chantal Zacky Miss Jamaica 2012 so not only is the Parish beautiful, but also the People. It was also the home of Errol film who visited the Island in the 50’s and described the Parish as even more beautiful than any woman he ever saw. This little Parish to the Northeast is truly an Island Gem.

Winifred beach

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