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Jamaica’s Ganja Tours – Sun, Sand Sea and Ganja!

When one thinks of Marijuana the first thing that comes to mind is Jamaica. This is portrayed in several movies like “Marked for Death” with Stephen Segal or Third World cop a Jamaican Film shot in the U.S.A. For the more mature Tourist, a vacation to Jamaica usually includes Sun Sand and Sea but for the modern younger traveller, the abundance of Ganja is sure to be a part of their vacation.

Ganja is so widespread that many Tourist Operations are offering a Ganja Tours as part of their vacation packages. Gone are the days when smoking “weed” as it is used interchangeably is Taboo.. .No my friend Ganja is now on a larger scale. Sit back; grab a cup of tea as I take you on a Jamaican Ganja Tour.

First Stop – Orange Hill

The First Stop on our tour is Orange Hill, located in the populated parish of Westmoreland. If you are looking for a parish rich in vegetation and of course High- Grade Ganja you’ve found it. The seasoned smoker will tell you that most of the weed in Jamaica is not that strong, however if you go to Orange Hill in Westmoreland you are in for a treat. Be sure to dress comfortably! You will be travelling to the Hills which is a bit colder and if you are not used to mosquitoes you might need to cover up.

It is also recommended that you go with a driver, since these Hills are a bit tricky to navigate by yourself. It is also recommended that you go with a professional who knows the ins and outs of the town instead of a regular local; this is just for your personal safety. Once you’ve found your driver the drive will take 15-20 minutes. The local young farmers will help you navigate your way through their fields where you will be able to shop around for a few souvenirs to take back with you or just experience a high. This is where you will be introduced to: Purple Skunk (the baddest weed of all) Blueberry Skunk and The Red Devil. You’ve just learnt that there are different types of Ganja all that has a different shape, a different smell and gives a different state of mind. A Tour of a Ganja Farm generally costs about $50.00 usd, there is also the option to get smaller bags from $40 usd upwards.

Second Stop – Nine Mile

jamaica pot on tableOur Second stop on the magical journey is located in the beautiful parish of St. Ann to Nine Mile the official Birth place of Bob Marley. This is a bit of a no brainer as to why this is on the list as Bob Marley is Synonymous with Ganja, many images of the Singer depict him smoking and also lyrics of many of his songs. The Nine Mile Tour is a bit different from the Orange Hill Tour: You are able to ask for it by name. Once again it is advised that you go with a Guide/Driver that is familiar with the area. This Tour comes with Dreadlocks men who escort curious visitors to lush Ganja Farms that grow bountifully from Reddish soil.

Sinsemilla – High Grade Ganja

The popular type of Ganja found here is Sinsemilla the favorite of Bob Marley and also the Chocolate Skunk a popular choice for the female visitors. It is said that visitors who are looking to score some extra weed is able to buy it through a hole in a section of the Bob Marley Museum in Nine Mile. These Tours start from $40.00 up. Tip: If you are looking to pay less on the Tours, ensure that you promise a good amount of Ganja to take back with you. A popular Farmer in the area is Breezy; he has been going by this alias for years and has done several interviews as Breezy.

Other Popular Ganja Tour Stops in Jamaica

Apart from the Parishes named above which are 2 of the popular places where you can get Tours, there are also specific Café’s and Food Spots where you can get Ganja Cakes and Teas. If you are not able to make it to Nine Mile or Orange Hill, these Cafés are able to give you the same sensation. Several Cafes near Dunn’s River Fall sell magical “Mushroom Tea” which is the Ganja leaves crushed finely to brew into a Tea. Another tasty treat is the Ganja Cake; these are bite size treats baked to look like brownies but with a secret ingredient.

Decriminalization of Ganja in Jamaica

The decriminalization of Ganja has been approved for personal use in small portions in Private Places; it is smoked among the masses from young to old. If you decide to embark on a Ganja Tour, ensure that you go with a Company that offers that Tour that has: a website with a contact number. Never go on these Tours at night or alone.

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