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Jamaican Nightlife in “Sunshine City” Portmore

It is no secret that Jamaica is one of the warmest, hypest places to party in the Caribbean. In Jamaica there is a party every night. These can be theme parties in small communities, events or clubbing parties. Just a few minutes outside of Kingston is Portmore dubbed as “The Sunshine City” because of the lack of rain?

Portmore is a coastal city located in the Parish of St. Catherine. It was developed in the late 1960’s by the West Indies Home Contractors as a way to alleviate Kingston’s overpopulation population issues. This new city is built on mainly re-claimed swamp land and boast a flat plain which is said to prevent flooding. The first city to be successfully set up in Portmore was called “Independent City “which in essence was a suburban City. Historically, it is believed that in the days before Columbus came to the island of Jamaica, the Arawaks (the first inhabitants) of the Island would bury their dead in caverns. The nearby city called “Port Henderson” hill was one of these places believed to be “riddled” with caverns and is home to the famous “Two Sisters Cave”. The caves were once a ceremonial site for the Tainos that collapsed into a sinkhole over the years to form a beautiful pond with glistening blue waters inside the cave. Today, Portmore is fast coming one of the most popular nightlife spots which attracts people from neighboring parishes and even those who are at a greater distance. If you are planning a Trip to Jamaica, here are some of the places in Portmore you need to be.

Famous Night Club

Famous Night Club: The interesting thing about the club scene in Jamaica is that there is no discrimination as it relates to status or body type. Nobody cares if you are a celebrity or just a regular run of the mill guy or girl. All you need is your entry fee and you are good to go. Famous Nightclub is one of the products of the Kingston Live Entertainment (KLE) Group’s most successful invention for the year 2013. The KLE group is also behind Usain Bolt’s restaurant “Usain Bolt’s Tracks and records and also Fiction Nightclub both located in Kingston. The club measures 11,000 square foot and features state of the art lighting , décor , sound, bar and V.I.P Offerings. The club accommodates as much as 2,000 patrons per event, if you are one of those people who have the “bumper to bumper” closeness of the clubbing experience, there is none of that at Famous Nightclub (unless it is a holiday) The club is open from Thursday to Saturday and has a different them each night and you are guaranteed to get a performance from one of Jamaica’s local “Celebrities”. At famous nightclub once you step in you feel like you have been transported to one of those high energy clubs in Miami. Come for a “One of a Kind Experience”, stay for the high energy music and beautiful people. Opening hours 10.00 pm – 4a.m Thursday to Saturday. Click here to visit the Famous Night Club Facebook page and get directions. Ladies are FREE every Thursday. All major credit cards as well as cash are accepted.

Famous Night Club Commercial


V-Club: The V-Club is one of the most recent clubs to open its door in the Portmore Nightlife entertainment scene in August 2013. This club is owned and operated by Richard Yang dubbed as the “Principal” of V-Club. This hot new venue is located in Independence City and is a part of a complex that also houses a restaurant and bar. If you are looking to have a good time then have a good meal before or after your experience, this is a great little chill spot. Mr Yang’s target audience was working professionals who had a long tiring day and wanted a place to unwind with a few drinks of course, but it is also great for everyone who is looking to chill and take the edge off. The night really kicks off in fine style “after hours” with a diverse entertainment package which features: karaoke, live music, oldies night, ladies night and a night for men who love a “good time”. Offered at the Restaurant is Jamaican and Chinese Cuisine like “Sweet and Sour Chicken” which I recommend you trying with fried rice and a natural June Plum juice. The V-Club Opens from Tuesdays to Saturdays 10:30 – 4:00 a.m. The Club and Restaurant accepts cash as well as Visa and Mastercard. Click here to vist the V-Club Facebook page and get directions.

Club Ntyce

Club Ntyce formerly “Blaze Night Club & Sports Bar”: This is pronounced as “Not Nice”, The Blaze Night Club came on the scene in 2010 as a multi-million dollar club which would be a part of an entertainment complex. This bar was said to “revolutionize” Portmore by bridging the gap in entertainment between Portmore and Kingston. This concept was brought about by Wayne Fagan printer and signage extraordinaire. Around 3 years ago, the club changed management and its name to Club Ntyce which is targeted towards elite patrons and is used for special events and for rental of other services. This venue boasts a stunning décor, state of the art stereo, sound mixing technology and an exclusive VIP service. Once you hear the name “Club NTyce “you know that you are you will be attending a quality event. Find out more about Club Ntyce by visiting their Facebook page here.

Club Ntyce Commercial

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