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Caribbean Vacation Guides

Plan your Caribbean vacation based on the activities you want to do. The guides below provide an overview of activities you can do while in the Caribbean, including water sports, golf, fishing, spa treatments and more.


SCUBA Diving in the Caribbean. SCUBA diving in the Caribbean is nothing short of AWESOME!!! Once you dive the Caribbean, there are few places in the world that would compare.

With some of the top rated SCUBA dive spots in the world, the Caribbean is a must-go for all divers. A world of wonder awaits SCUBA divers and snorkelers in the Caribbean. From forests of mushroom shaped coral formations to pre-Spanish treasure fleet shipwrecks dating back to 1528, the seas here conceal stories that could take decades to uncover in their entirety.

The Caribbean is home to three of the world’s four largest barrier reefs, so treacherous that a single one is said to have claimed at least 100 ships. The Cayman Islands, dubbed the “birthplace of diving,” lacks a true barrier reef and yet it boasts more than 300 coral reefs and wrecks, many of them marked by buoys as a means of preventing anchor damage.

Click here to read the Caribbean SCUBA Diving Guide.

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