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Caribbean Islands Vacations

Caribbean Islands Vacations

Luminescent waters, sugar-white sand, and sun that shines eternally. Are you in paradise? No, you are in the Caribbean. Whether your idea of heaven is lounging on a beach sipping a cocktail or dancing the night away in a club, Caribbean island vacations have something to offer you.

The island you choose for your Caribbean vacation will depend on your personal tastes. Travel to Jamaica if you enjoy ska, reggae, or a variety of musical attractions. If snorkeling and diving are more your style, head to the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands. And, don’t forget Aruba and the U.S. Virgin Islands! Their awe-inspiring beaches, stylish restaurants, world-famous shopping and vivid nightlife make each of them ideal vacation destinations!

With its powder sand beaches, radiant aquamarine waters, sun-soaked days and fun-filled nights, the Caribbean truly is paradise. Whether you are looking to swim, shop, wine and dine or indulge in the nightlife, the opportunities here are never-ending. Because each island provides different activities, you have a variety of choices to fill your day.

So pack your sunscreen … and try to remember to come back home!

Travel in the Caribbean

The Caribbean offers opportunities for all types of travelers. Whether you are planning a honeymoon, a family vacation or a solo trip, the Caribbean and its many islands feature accommodations, dining, attractions and activities to fit any budget and lifestyle. Although water sports (such as scuba diving and water-skiing) are a popular Caribbean activity, any traveler can also explore the trails, rainforests and rivers that many islands offer.

For travelers looking to vacation on a budget, consider traveling in the off-season, from around September to March. Not only will you pay less for a vacation package, but you’ll also enjoy less crowded beaches and a more peaceful trip.

Families on a budget also might consider purchasing all-inclusive packages. In addition to the room, these packages often cover meals and activities, such as scuba diving or snorkeling lessons. Consequently, families or groups of travelers can save big bucks by buying package vacations.

Newlyweds also find Caribbean vacations to be the perfect romantic destination for their honeymoons. If you are planning a Caribbean honeymoon, choose a less crowded island so that you and your new spouse can fully enjoy each other’s company!

Eastern Destinations

Although many tourists tend to travel to the Caribbean’s western islands, keep in mind all of the beautiful eastern locations. Not only does Aruba feature sandy beaches and tropical weather, but it’s also home to glitzy casinos, lush resorts and top-notch dining and shopping. Click here to learn more about the Eastern Caribbean.

Whether you want to hang with the locals or sightsee with the tourists, Puerto Rico is the place for you! With accommodations ranging from swanky hotels to family-run inns, a trip to this island is sure to be a true Caribbean adventure.

In general, the eastern islands of the Caribbean tend to smaller than their western counterparts. For this reason, many cruise lines offer a number of eastern Caribbean routes because they allow ships to visit a number of islands in a short period of time.

Western Destination

The islands of the Western Caribbean tend to be the ones that most tourists visit, whether or not it’s peak season. Among the western Caribbean hot spots are the Grand Bahama, the Caymans and Jamaica. The western islands tend to be more inundated with tourists for good reason: their spectacular beaches and unique cultural atmosphere stand up to the hype! Click here to learn more about the Western Caribbean.

Whether vacationing in the on- or off-season, visitors to Jamaica won’t be disappointed. With its great music and food as well as its numerous must-see sights, Jamaica has something to offer everyone. For those seeking adventure there is horseback riding, snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing, water skiing and camping. If roughing it doesn’t suit you, however, hotels, villas and cottages are plentiful.

Not to be outdone, the Bahamas offer a multitude of activities—spectacular beaches, golfing, fishing, museums and historical landmarks and an avid nightlife. If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, why not check out the islands commonly referred to as the Out Islands, which offer magnificent beaches, swimming with dolphins and exceptional deep-sea fishing.

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