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Caribbean Honeymoons

The Caribbean Islands are incredibly popular honeymoon destinations for American newlyweds. Whether purchasing all-inclusive honeymoon packages or exploring off the beaten path, Caribbean honeymoons appeal to many couples.

Perhaps, it’s the romance of moonlit walks on white sandy beaches and turquoise water that makes a Caribbean honeymoon vacation so appealing. Perhaps, it’s being able to explore other cultures. It may even be the luxurious pampering of all-inclusive honeymoons that draws in new couples. Whatever the reason, Caribbean honeymoon destinations make up 34 percent of all honeymoon vacations.

Ultimate Caribbean Honeymoons

Looking for the ultimate in Caribbean honeymoons? The Caribbean is dotted with tiny islands. Many of these islands can be rented as private honeymoon destinations. If a private island is outside your honeymoon budget, some all-inclusive resorts take up their own private island, keeping crowds to a minimum.

When to Take Caribbean Honeymoon Vacations

Peak season for Caribbean vacations, meaning that prices to travel here are higher, is from December to March. While most people travel during the American winter season, most weddings take place during the summer, the Caribbean’s off-season. This means that many Caribbean destinations offer discounts to bring in customers in the summer, resulting in cheaper costs for honeymoon packages and all-inclusive honeymoons.

When planning a honeymoon in the Caribbean, keep in mind that the Caribbean hurricane season runs from June to November. This need not deter newlyweds seeking Caribbean honeymoons. Remember that the Caribbean is composed of hundreds of islands spread over a large area. The chance of a serious hurricane striking the island of your choice during your honeymoon vacation is slim.

Still, hurricanes are a fact of life in the Caribbean. If you and your new spouse feel uncomfortable about the possibility of a hurricane disrupting the most romantic vacation of your life, consider honeymoon destinations in the south of the Caribbean. Islands such as Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire are all south of the hurricane zone.

Popular Honeymoon Destinations

The most popular honeymoon vacation destinations in the Caribbean are the Bahamas, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, but don’t feel restricted to these islands. The U.S Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Bermuda and other Caribbean islands all make excellent honeymoon destinations.

All-inclusive Caribbean Honeymoons

Honeymooners don’t need to be bothered with planning trips and excursions during their honeymoon vacations. Because many resorts offer honeymoon packages (including all-inclusive options), newlyweds can concentrate on each other without worrying about the little details that so often plague vacations.

While all-inclusive honeymoons last about a week on average, you can certainly find honeymoon packages for longer periods of time. On average, all-inclusive honeymoons at a Caribbean resort that last a week cost between $3,000 to $5,000.

If this is out of your budget, or if you aren’t interested in honeymoon packages, you can plan your Caribbean honeymoon without all-inclusive options. The Caribbean islands offer bed and breakfasts, cottage rentals and motels, so there’s a Caribbean honeymoon for every price range.

Things to Do on Caribbean Honeymoons

Honeymooners love Caribbean destinations for many reasons. The natural beauty of the islands offers an ideal setting for romance. However, Caribbean vacations also offer so much to do. Whether you want to lounge on the beach and go snorkeling, or prefer lively nightclubs and casinos, Caribbean honeymoons deliver the goods.

Romantic activities to explore on Caribbean honeymoon vacations include:

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  • hiking through a tropical rainforest
  • a moonlit toast on the beach
  • a sunset yacht cruise
  • horseback riding
  • a picnic by a waterfall
  • swimming in secluded lagoons
  • eating at four star resort restaurants
  • breakfast in bed
  • stargazing on the beach
  • a glamorous night at a casino


Adventurous Caribbean honeymoons can include scuba diving, parasailing, and a host of water sports, including some freshwater rafting. On-land activities include hiking, ATV tours, and horseback riding.

Did You Know?

Many celebrities favor Caribbean destinations for their own vacations and honeymoons. You’ve got a good chance of spotting the stars relaxing on the beach.

Caribbean Honeymoons and Weddings

If you’re planning a Caribbean honeymoon anyway, why not combine have your wedding on the islands as well? Caribbean honeymoon destinations are perfect for small weddings with family or romantic elopements. Costs of weddings are reasonable for many Caribbean destinations: some Caribbean weddings can be planned for just over a thousand dollars, leaving more cash for that luxurious all-inclusive honeymoon package!

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