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Best Caribbean Vacations

Best Caribbean Vacations

When people consider taking a relaxing beach vacation, most immediately think of the Caribbean Islands as the perfect destination. With so many islands to choose from, some travelers may wonder which island would be the best location for their vacation. The island you choose will depend on the group you are traveling with, the time of year you want to go and your vacation budget. To help, we developed a list of some things to help you search the best Caribbean vacations.

In general, travel agents recommend that vacationers visit the Caribbean during its off-season, from around September to March. Not only are vacation packages cheaper during this time, but the islands are less crowded, affording you a more serene trip. However, if you decide to travel during peak season (from around April to August), expect to pay rates as much as fifty percent more than those of the off-season.

One exception to this would be a Grand Cayman Island vacation. In the Caymans, the off-season coincides with the American summer time (June through the beginning of August).

Whether you are traveling with your family, taking your honeymoon or just looking for ideas about what to do in the Caribbean, we have helpful tips for you! By knowing the most romantic spots or learning how to travel on a budget, your Caribbean vacation can be a stress-free, relaxation-filled trip that you will remember for years to come!

Caribbean Honeymoons

The exotic beauty of the Caribbean islands makes them a natural setting for romantic getaways, especially for newlyweds. Because honeymoons are about spending time together as a couple, anyone planning a Caribbean honeymoon may want to consider traveling during the off-season, so as to avoid crowds.

While water activities are all the rage in any Caribbean locale, couples on their honeymoons can also find a number of other romantic things to do in the Caribbean. Take a romantic boat ride, go parasailing side by side or plan a romantic dinner in one of the Caribbean’s fine resorts. Whether you are looking for an active or relaxing vacation, couples will have plenty to do on their honeymoon.

Caribbean Family Vacations

Along with being a popular spot for romance, the Caribbean Islands also serve as a wonderful destination for family vacations. However, unlike a Caribbean honeymoon, a family vacation may need to be tailored to accommodate a budget. If you are taking a family vacation to the Caribbean, consider getting an all-inclusive package. Although the words “all-inclusive” sound expensive, these packages often include meals and activities, such as scuba diving or snorkeling lessons. As the costs of these are included in the “room-per-night” rate, a family could save big money by opting for an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation.

One issue that is especially important for family Caribbean vacations is safety. Although the Caribbean Islands are considered to be fairly safe, take the normal precautions you would with any other vacation. A key safety tip is to implement the buddy system with your children, especially when they are playing in the water.

Things to do in the Caribbean

Hands down, water sports are the most popular of the Caribbean activities. You name it and the Caribbean Islands offer it! Whether you want to snorkel, scuba dive, parasail, boat or fish, any tourist destination in the Caribbean can satisfy your needs.

However, while many travelers are familiar with the possibility of water activities, most are unaware of the land options that can just as thrilling as their water counterparts. While the land activities are usually specific to the individual island you visit, hiking through rainforests and horseback riding through the wilderness are both fun activities that you can do on nearly any island.

Some activities that are specific to certain islands include:

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  • the turtle farms of the Caymans
  • the largest area of underwater caves in Grand Bahama
  • the Arikok National Park of Aruba.


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