is the ultimate Caribbean travel resource, written by people who have actually been to each of the islands reviewed.  We are continually traveling throughout the Caribbean islands to experience and share what each vacation destination has to including: hotels, travel, attractions, activities, food and shopping.

Caribbean Hotels

There are many different types of Caribbean hotels to choose from that include all-inclusive, exclusive, luxury, budget, bed & breakfast, timeshare, condo rentals and more. For each island destination, we try to provide a general overview and review of each type of accommodation.

Caribbean Travel

The Caribbean Islands are pretty much nice and warm year-round. We provide insight on the best Caribbean travel tips to help you have a safe and well-planned trip. Travel to the Caribbean is primarily done via Plane or Cruise ship. While some people travel via private boat or plane, Commercial Airlines and Cruise Lines travel to the most popular Caribbean destinations.

Vacation Attractions in the Caribbean

Beaches, diving, snorkeling, volcanos, historic towns and eco-tours are among the most popular attractions in the Caribbean. details the best attractions all throughout the Caribbean. From Stingray City in Grand Cayman to the Casions in Nassau Bahamas, you will find information on great Caribbean attractions.

Caribbean Vacation Activities

When on vacation in the Caribbean, there are a full range of activities to choose that include complete relaxation to the ultimate thrills. Relaxing activities include a day at the spa, laying in a hammock or just laying on the beach. Thrilling activities include deep-sea fishing, SCUBA diving at night or swimming with sharks! No matter what type of vacation activity you are looking for, the Caribbean has you covered.

Caribbean Food

Caribbean food is all about the spices and being fresh. From jerk spice to pepper sauce, the food of the Caribbean is fresh and flavorful. When reading about each country, we have shared information on the best foods and restaurants, but no matter what, you are pretty much guaranteed for the food to be fresh and full of flavor!

Caribbean Shopping

The main cruise ports of the Caribbean are full of the most popular retail shops in the world, selling everything from shirts and bathing suits, to gold and jewelry. If you are looking for something more authentic, then explore outside of the port town shops and head to the local market or roadside shop. All throughout the Caribbean hand-made goods can be found, with touches of vibrant Caribbean colors and textures.

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