5 Must see Places in Montego Bay

We all know Montego Bay as the second city in Jamaica that has a world of activities for locals and visitors alike. When one thinks of Jamaica, Montego Bay is the first place that comes to mind. Known for its miles of white sand beaches and all inclusive beaches, this place is “Travel Destination” Paradise.

Today, we will not be dwelling at those Hotels or strolling along those Beaches of Montego Bay. Today, we will be going around this amazing City and discovering some of the popular and not so popular “must see spots”.

Grab your maps, get close to your Computer and find a Travel Agent to book your stay!

1. The Rose Hall Great House

The Rose Hall Great House: This was a famous Tourist Destination back in the early 80’s where people from far and wide would come to see this mansion. This was the home of Annie Palmer who came to the Island in 1820. According to History, Palmer murdered her first, second and third husbands as well as a slew of other lovers. Legend has it; Annie was involved in dark Magic and was known as “The White Witch” which led to her own slaves killing her. It is believed her spirit still roams the Great House up to this very day. This makes it Jamaica’s very own “Horror Story” and has attracted many visitors throughout the years. Tours are conducted each Day and Night Daily From 9:15am to 5:15pm | Reservations: 876.953.2323

Adult 20.00 | Child 10.00 ~ Child 4-11 yrs / Prices quoted in USD. 6:30pm – 9:15pm Daily | Reservations: 876.953.2323.Adult 20.00 | Child 10.00 – Child 4-11 yrs / Prices quoted in USD.

Each Tour starts in the scary basement, so if you are easily scared, be sure to go with a friend.

2. Tours to Cuba

Tours to Cuba: That’s right, the actually country of Cuba. It is believed that there is a certain point in Montego Bay where you can stand and actually see a part of Cuba. Geographically, it’s only 90 miles away from Jamaica. There is a company called “Tropical Tours”, that is responsible for making this happen. Think of this as a 2 in one Vacation as there is no other Tour Like this. This Tour costs $825 usd which includes airfare, hotel accommodation for 3 nights and breakfast. Tropical Tours can be contacted at 876-952-0400 for more information.


3. Pier One Restaurant & Bar

Pier One Restaurant & Bar: This should have been # 1 on the list since food is life! You can’t go to Montego Bay and not visit this place. Pier One is synonymous with Montego Bay. If offers an open air dining experience with views of the sea. This place is open for both Lunch and Dinner and specializes in Sea Food Dishes. It is highly recommended that you try the Seafood Pasta as the Shrimp and Lobster is fresh from the Caribbean Sea and it’s seasoned to perfection. There is also a Children’s Menu if you have kids with you. For more info contact 876-286-7208 |info@pieronejamaica.com, www.pieronejamaica.com. Apart from the food, there is sure to be a party on the weekend as this is a Hot Spot!

4. Dreamer Catamaran Cruise

Dreamer Catamaran Cruise: Located in Glouchester, this tour features a spacious 53” or 65” sailing Catamaran. There are 3 featured Yachts: Island Dreamer, Tropical Dreamer and Day Dreamer. Once on board, you are introduced to the friendly Crew, given a quick Tour then the fun begins. Once the introduction to the Crew Ends, the music begins and its smooth sailing to the Snorkel site. At the Snorkel site, you will have the chance to observe coral reefs and marine life at the Montego Bay Marine Park. If you are not the best swimmer, not to worry there is gear for swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

If you are not into Snorkeling there is a deck perfect for sunbathing or you can enjoy the scenery. If you get thirsty on Board there is an open Jamaican Bar with Red Stripe Beer, Rum, Fruit Punch and other local drink mixes. For more information contact Rapsody Tours, Charters & Cruise Limited.Tel (876) 979-0102 Fax (876) 979-0101|Email: reservations@dreamercatamarans.com. www.dreamercatamarans.com.

5. Rafting on the Martha Brae River

Rafting on the Martha Brae River: This might be a cliché thing to do… “Coming to Jamaica to raft” but this activity can be fun and relaxing. Visualize it, floating down a winding river with a skilled person who knows all the turns and curves of that river while you sit and enjoy the surroundings. Rafting on the Martha Brae is the Islands’ #1 rafting attraction. Before you go booking, it’s important to know that the Martha Brae is located 20 miles outside of Montego Bay. However, locals refer to it as a part of Montego bay. For bookings call Phone: 952-0889, Fax: 979-7437.

There are so many things to do in Montego Bay besides staying at a Hotel and more things are created quite frequently. It’s important to do your research and tailor your vacation to suit yourself and your family. Because of the Tropical climate, it’s always a wonderful time to visit Jamaica.

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