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5 Places to Visit in Westmoreland Jamaica

Westmoreland is located on the South side of Jamaica; it is the “westernmost” parish in Jamaica. This might not be a “Hot Spot” destination for Tourists but boasts a few must see places. When you visit this parish, here are the five places you must see.

1. Visit Seaford Town

“Out of Many one People” is the Jamaican motto. This motto is the true embodiment of all the various ethnic groups that came to the Island during the Slavery period and thereafter. On this little Island, you will find a melting pot of culture and also that not everyone “looks the same” contrary to popular belief. There are Indians, Syrians, Chinese and even the Germans. There is a place called Seaford Town or “German Town” as the locals call it.The Germans came to Jamaica in 1835 and settled in a small area on a Hill purchased by a German landowner known as “Lord Seaford”. Seaford purchased five hundred (500) acres of land which was to be home to Germans coming from Europe to work after the abolition of slavery. This was not the case as when they arrived there were not sufficient houses which led them to build their own houses and many of them died. As the years went by the community grew and became an established settlement with German infrastructure and many of the cultural norms were maintained. I remember visiting the town during my final year of University for a final year project. This little town is a hidden gem and should be considered a Tourist destination.

Visitors will have the chance to visit the Museum, the Sacred Heart Roman Church and also get a general walk through of the community. Arrangements can be made by contacting David Ritter: djjazzydave@juno.com.

2. Blue Hole Mineral Spring

It is no secret that Jamaica has some of the bluest clearest waters in the world! After all it is an Island. This place is like an underground slice of paradise. The spring is located beneath a caves completely surrounded by Karst Limestone. I encourage you to not look down at the spring as it can seem scary, but once you are actually in it, that’s when you will see its true beauty. Because it is a spring, it acts as a natural filter and steadily shoots water which makes it amazingly clean and pure for bathing. If you are wondering if it’s safe … Yes it is (and clean). Blue Hole Spring is located only nine miles of Negril. There is also Bathroom facilities and activities for children. For more info send an email to info@blueholejamaica.com.

Video of fun at Blue Hole

3. Peter Tosh Monument

peter tosh monumentMusician Peter Tosh was a Reggae legend in Jamaica. He was one of the core members of the band “The Wailers”, who was affiliated with Bob Marley and is better known for the hit “Simmer Down’. Tosh was able to have a thriving Solo Career for himself and is one of the influencers of Reggae Music Worldwide. The reason why this spot is a must see is simply because it is one of the birth places of Reggae. The Peter Tosh Monument is located in Bluefields in the south of Negril. It is alleged that remains of the great singer remain here and visitors like to stop by for a quick visit. The monument is a reflection of his contribution to Reggae Music and of course a memory of the legend. The entry fee varies as it could be anywhere between 5-20 usd.

4. Mannings High School

Though not the typical “Tourist Site”, Mannings High School is the second oldest High School in Jamaica. The way the school is built is completely different from any modern day school you will see. The main building now serves as a library and it features a Georgian Structure that was built of Timber. How the school has maintained its structure throughout the years is a miracle within itself, which shows the genius behind the way this school was built. Mannings High School is located in Savannah La Mar the Capital. For a quick tour, contact 876-955-2634.

5. Mayfield Falls

This is deemed as Jamaica’s #1 Eco Tourism attraction and nature at its best! There are two beautiful, breathtaking cascading waterfalls, 21 Natural Pools, a variety of ferns filled with an abundance of butterflies and indigenous wildlife. Close your eyes while you imagine this beautiful scenery and you will be transported to a dreamlike realm. This location offers the most beautiful scenery Mother Nature has to offer. Located only 1 1⁄2 hour from Montego Bay but it is worth the drive especially on a hot Summer Day. It is the ideal location for Tours, Walks and mini adventures. For More information contact: 876-610-8612 or 876-792-2074 or e-mail: info@mayfieldfalls.com.

Westmoreland is a beautiful rural parish that has so much to offer and is underestimated. If you are looking for a relaxed vacation, visit this parish.

Map of Westmoreland Jamaica

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