Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa: An Oasis in Kingston

If you have been an avid reader of this website you would know that Kingston Jamaica is not one of the most sought after Destinations for a Caribbean Getaway. This is not to say there is anything wrong with Kingston, it’s more of a business Hub than a place to visit white Sand Beaches.

Today, I would like to present this city in an interesting way; today I shall take you on a journey to The Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa.

eden-gardens-logoThis location is inspired by my actual visit there a few weeks ago to an event held on the grounds which was simply breath-taking. It was so beautiful that I was intrigued that I had to explore further than where the event was being held. The Eden Garden Wellness Resort & Spa is a peaceful Oasis nestled in the Heart of Kingston, 10 minutes from the Business district of New Kingston and the always busy Hope Road.

This property is deemed as one of the Caribbean’s best kept secret combing wellness, health & hospitality in a beautiful environment. This picturesque location features eighteen (18) suites and Apartments that is targeted at helping one to take better care of their physique or to enhance your relationship.

At this point you are probably wondering; can I take the Kids? Yes & No. There are no rules that this is an Adult only Resort however I don’t think kids would enjoy Yoga or Sensual Massages. If you are looking for an intimate vacation in the City, this would be the ideal location as each Suite contains WI-FI accessibility, a mini refrigerator, coffee maker and complimentary personal care amenities.

An updated room at the Eden Gardens Wellness & Resort Spa, Kingston Jamica.

An updated room at the Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa, Kingston Jamaica.

Eden Resort Features

The Highlight of this location is the Eden Spa where guests can choose from the following services:

Skin Packages

The Glow Packages: These packages are geared more towards the skin and making it fresh and rejuvenating by utilizing non evasive surgery. One of these is the Diamond Dermabrasion which re-polishes the skin with a Diamond tipped wand which reveals a natural healthy glow. This is a great alternative to a chemical peel which can get a bit pricey and is safe for pregnant women or nursing mothers and lasts only 45 minutes.

Massage Packages

Relax Packages help to relax the mind and body by using Massages. There is the Aromatherapy Massage, Swedish Massage, Oxygen Therapy m Hot Stone Massage , Cyber Relax , Deep Tissue Massage which range from 20- 70 minutes. If you have any form of Stress or knots, these massages will totally get rid of all that. There are also several other amazing Massages that target the Skin to treat problems like wrinkles , sagging & aged skin , fine lines and also excess facial & body hair.

Dining at Eden Gardens

Another staple of the Resort is the food! Once you step onto the property your nose will be easily carried away by the sweet smell of Jamaican Food mixed with an International Healthy twist. This place is not short of quality dining facilities as there are 3 Restaurants that offer exquisite cuisine.

  1. Tulips offer casual dining serving local cuisine with an international flair. This Restaurant offers outdoor sitting with an exceptional Wine Bar in a relaxing ambience. This Restaurant opens from Sunday to Saturday at noon to 10 p.m.
  2. If you are more into fine dining and dressing up nicely, your Restaurant of choice will be Black Orchid. Black Orchid Restaurant is a fusion of Italian and International Dishes in an intimate, alluring setting with white glove service. Guys! If you are looking to impress your lady, this is the perfect place to take her. Black Orchid is known for taking guests on an unforgettable grand dining adventure with not only the tantalizing taste of the dishes, the mastery of the Chef, but also the décor. The restaurant opens Tuesdays – Sundays from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  3. The 3rd Restaurant is Tiffany’s Tea House which serves fresh Salads, Gourmet Sandwiches and Soups with Hot Tea and Cold Beverages. This Restaurant is actually inspired by Tiffany’s Colourful Chandelier. Tiffany’s Tea house is reminiscent of a childhood Tea Party but the elegant grown up version. The Restaurant opens from on Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. and closes at 2 p.m. Tiffany’s Tea House is also famous for its signature High Tea.

Visit the Cru Bar in Kingston

The Eden Garden Wellness Resort & Spa is your personal Oasis smacked in the middle of Kingston where you can get rest, rejuvenation and quality meals. When you come to this Resort, one place you must visit is the CRU Bar. This place is in an open, outdoor rooftop space that has a really nice ambience. The Dish I recommend you to try is the Chicken Alfredo Pasta; it’s creamy and of course tasty topped with Jamaican herbs & Spices. The great thing about CRU Bar is that I’s only 10 minutes away from Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa so if you wish, you could walk or take a Taxi down.

Please visit http://www.edengardenswellness.com for information on booking.

Video Tour of the Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa

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